Outline for Physics 420 Demonstrations Course

September  - December

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Timing and Credit

We will assume the course is taken for three credits and will take one semester, starting in September.


   Date                        Activity                                              Marks 


 First Tuesday of classes      Orientation Meeting                                   -

 Second Tuesday of classes    Choice of Demo (One page written report)              -

 Third  Tuesday of classes     Oral Report to Group (20 minutes)                    

                               and written proposal (5 pages plus plans)             25%

 Mid October                   Ready demonstration and presentation to the class     25%

 November                     Presentation at schools and/or community groups       25%

 Before end of classes         Build the web page with the presentation and         25% 
                               Description of the demo


We will all meet formally once a week for 2 hours. This is to kick ideas around and keep everything on track.

This is a highly participatory course and students must attend weekly meetings.


You can pursue your own ideas, but we have the following partially developed equipment:

Please have a look at the demonstrations from the previous years!

What we will look for in marking


Timing is of the essence; if equipment or materials have to ordered, expect a month's delay before delivery. Try and time these delays when loads are heaviest in other courses. Early definition of the project is essential; avoid excessive and time-consuming optimization.

Inquiries to:

Andrzej Kotlicki
Hebb 11A (office), or Hennings 111 (lab)
Phone:822-3645 or 822-6843

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