This site was developed to summarize what I have done for my Physics 420 presentation on Vector Kinematics in Two Dimensions.  Or in plain English, "How do things move in the air".  Not just any old thing moving through the air mind you, I'm talking about projectiles.  We would like to know how to describe the motion of a projectile.  We could ask such questions as what affects the projectile path while in the air?  What path does it take in the air?  How long will it stay in the air?  How high will it go and how far?  In an everyday situation we could use projectile motion analysis to figure out if we'd be able to throw a ball over a fence, or how far I could hit a golf ball, or at what angle should I aim my cannon to hit my target!  By deriving a few equations and uncovering a few principles of physics, this site will hopefully reveal these answers to you.

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