Lesson Plan for Catapult Experiment


Inroduction 5 Minutes

        Introduce Myself

        Intro about Phys 420 and UBC Phys

        Intro about apparatus and what we will be doing during the lesson


Main Body- 40 Minutes


Part 1- Intro to apparatus- 5 Mins


        Run students through apparatus making sure they understand its use

        Explain how photogates work and measure the distance between the two and also the angle between swing arm and ground

        Explain Safety rules and ensure students are aware of potential danger


Part 2- Launch Payload- 15 Mins


        Launch Payloads of different masses and observe results by measuring distances achieved. Do many runs so that an average for each mass may be obtained. Record results on board

        Record times for each mass as measured on the timer, and record as well


Part 3- Calculations-20 Mins

        Using the formulas from Physics of the project, calculate max height, flight time, initial velocity, and range


***If time permits, we can change the launch angle of the catapult to increase or decrease the above factors. To do so, simply raise or lower the entire frame, and compute the formulas again.


Conclusion- 15 Minutes


        Discuss results and how close our experimental data was to our calculated results

        Discuss sources of error and how they may have affected our results, both human and apparatus error

        Allow time for questions about the experiment, UBC Physics, Phys 420 or UBC in general

        Thank the class and the teacher for a wonderful time