Mechanical Mechanical

Available on the website are complete mechanical drawings and 3D models of all the components used.

*AutoCAD Mechanical Drawings*
  • Chassis
  • Servo Mounts
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Mount
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Spacer
  • Steering Servo Horn
  • Steering Servo Linkage
  • Steering Servo Knuckle
  • Front Wheel Steering Mounts
  • Rear Wheel Drive Mounts
  • Motor Mounting
  • Detector Arm and Mounting
  • Detector Coil Mounting

  • *3D SolidWorks Models*
  • Chassis
  • Servo Mounts Assembly
  • Front Wheel Steering Mounts Assembly
  • Rear Wheel Drive Mounts Assembly
  • Motor Mounting Assembly
  • Detector Coil Assembly
  • Final Assembly

  • The list of mechanical components, dimensions and specifications that were used in this project can be found here.