Introduction to Biomechanics


At the end of my presentation, the class will be able to:

      1. Define biomechanics
      2. List the biological factor that could increase how fast a pitcher will be able to pitch, or predispose someone to throw fast.

                                                                                                 i.      And list what mechanics concepts explains this


The overall goal of the presentation is to help the class understand a bit about how Physics can explain and predict a lot about sports and athletes.




Materials for Demonstration

(Good to mention: that it is simplified model of throwing arm – many more muscles/tendons in real arm)

(Good to mention: that scientific examinations often do not come out as expected, so results are not confusing)











Stylized model of throwing arm:




Throwing Arm built by UBC Physics workshop:








You should find a noticeable (measurable) difference in between settings: Setting 3 (as shown above) produces the fastest throw, while Setting 1 produces the slowest. 


PowerPoint Presentation