Links to Animation

Slide 3: World's Largest Stadium Wave. This demonstrates to students the special property of a transverse wave where the motion of the carrier (people) is perpendicular to the motion of the wave. It also demonstrates how energy (wave) is transferred without transporting mass (people).

Slide 4: Longitudinal Wave On a Slinky. This is a typical example of a longitudinal wave. Another demonstration can be done in class is to let a row of students to pass down a baseball from right to left. The motion of the ball (wave) can be seen to be parallel to the motion of the hands (carriers).

Slide 10: Animation of Tsunami generated by an earthquake. This is a simple demonstration of how an earthquake can cause a tsunami.

Slide 16: Witnessing Tsunami. This is a video captured by a tourist during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It demonstrates how calm the ocean can seem before the impact of a tsunami.