*This Demonstration Requires the use of a webcam which has acess to*

             There are many possible uses for this demonstration tool, but I used it to demonstrate application of Stefans-Boltszmans law and                                   demonstrating that by the use of our knowledge of physics we can acess information outside of the human perspective.

             Using the website and a webcam I used the RGB LED thermometer to paint pictures of the thermal landscape of the class              room. It is very engaging, for the students, and perhaps a good demo for the start of a unit as it leaves students excited about and aware of the              applications of physics.
             My demonstration followed the following format:

             1. turn off all lights(including the projector) and close blinds.
             2. Walk around the classroom show how the device works, shine on hand, shine on window.
             3. Place laptop at front of class room and get students to sit/stand around it so that they may see the screen.
             4. Start painting the classroom, and kids in field of view of the webcam. (you will have to repeatidly tell the students to close their eyes while                  you paint thier heads as they reallly want to watch themselves apear on the computer screen)
             5. Then do a portrait. Get student to hold something cold in one hand and hot in the other and stand by him/her self infront of the camera.                 Give the student a black sweater and black gloves as it helps generate a better pictures. Quickly paint the student and background, and allow             students to  see  the picture.
             6. I let students tell me what they thought would be colder, the metal sheet in the classroom or the classroom wall. Most students said that it             would be the metal sheet. When tested both were the same temperature. Students then realised that was the diference in conductivity that                   made us think that the metal was colder, but in reality the surface tempartures are the same.

          Here is a powerpoint presentation that I used to lead into the presentation, the goal of the presentation was to leave students with a sense of               how much information is outside of the human perspective and how physics can increase the amount of information at our disposal.