This is a very difficult effect to accomplish, but simple in its idea. The main idea behind this is to:

1.Produce a strong, constant, uniform magnetic field inside a solenoid (using DC of course).

2. With a copper cylinder, compress this magnetic field very quickly (in a fraction of a second!) so that it (the red solenoid's own magnetic field) momentarily exits our red solenoid. Upon such an exit, this magnetic field quickly induces a strong current in the smaller "pick-up" solenoid, inside and at the bottom of the first solenoid, according to Lenz's and Faraday's laws.

3. Regardless whether the cylinder is left in or not, the displaced magnetic field returns to its normal, uniform geometry. In doing so, induce another, (but opposite) current in the smaller, internal pick-up solenoid, according to Lenz's and Faraday's laws (but in opposite direction!)

What happens during this compression, is that as the copper cylinder comes down and compresses the magnetic field, an "eddy" current is generated on the "face" of the copper cylinder. This eddy current produces its own magnetic field, which opposes the cylinder's motion by repelling against the larger red solenoid's magnetic field. The space instead the cylinder is shielded against all outside magnetic fields. The red solenoid's magnetic field is thus FORCED OUT of the red solenoid momentarily. After a certain decay time, the eddy current on the cylinder's face dies away, along with its own repelling magnetic field. In the absence of such a repelling field, the red solenoid's original magnetic field "snaps" back to its normal, original, uniform configuration. This whole event happens VERY QUICKLY and is very difficult to photograph. However, the resulting output looks like a very STRONG, SHORT, SHARP bell-curve pulse or spike of electrical power across the smaller internal pick-up coil, which originally had no current at all. This is using a force to manipulate an EM energy field in order to produce another, and harnasses ALL concepts previously presented in this demonstration.