Two demonstrations were shown in class - the first illustrating a Non-Newtonian fluid in the form of Ooblek (corn starch and water) and the second involved showing the flow profile of water around two different objects.

Demo 1:

To make oobleck, simply mix two parts corn starch to one part water. To show its liquid properties, you can blow bubbles into it or stir it with a spoon. To show its solid properties simply apply any force to it and the mixture will quickly harden. Once the force stops - the mixture turns back into a liquid! You can also put the mixture on top of a speaker see how it changes shape as music is played.

Demo 2:

           The corrugated plastic is used to straighten the flow so that laminar flow lines can be seen. Then you can add food dye and observe how the colouring travels around various objects.


Figure 1.


Figure 2.


Figure 3.