Over the last few decades, the electronics industry has evolved and ingrained itself in society. Whether it be texting friends on a cell phone, browsing the internet or buying groceries, it is not uncommon at all for an activity to be linked to an electronic device. However, how often is it that an average person will think about how it works? The world of electronics no longer incites the same wonder and amazement it did when it was just starting to bloom back in the mid 20th century. Children are born in to this electronic age, and simply accepts the fact that computers do what they do and never give it a second thought. My goal for this presentation is to not only give students an introductory glimpse at the basic language of electronics and link it specifically to how data is stored, but to get students to wonder and be curious about the workings of a computer or any electronic device. In addition, the demonstration prepared for this presentation shows an enlarged model of a hard drive, and links it to the application to electromagnetism, which is a prescribed learning outcome of Physics 12. Although it is most beneficial for a Grade 12 Physics class, classes of all ages can appreciate and learn from this presentation and become more interested in the subject of physics.