The Next Step in Projectile Motion

By CJ Brassington

This website is here for the purpose of helping introduce the concepts of air resistance and the pressure force in the context of projectile motion (grade 11 and 12 level). In this Proposal link you can find a modified version of my initial proposal for the demonstration. This document covers roughly how to build an air pressure cannon to shoot a ping pong ball (along with a few tips on how to solve the problems I ran into while building it). It also covers the theory behind what is being taught. In this Presentation link, you can find the power point presentation I used in class. While the slides are for the most part self explanatory, there are small things not in the slides which I just presented myself. However, the slides do provide a good idea of what needs to be covered. Lastly, at the bottom of this page you can find ways to contact myself, or professor Kotlicki if you have questions on aspects of how to do this presentation yourself.

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