UBC PHYS 420: RGB LED Thermometer



                   The purpose of this demonstration is to demonstrate in an engaging manor the existence of thermal radiation, and our ability to extract                     meaningful information from it, using the fruits of science and engineering. There are many topics that this tool could be used to                                 demonstrate, but  personaly I used it to provide evedince for the existance of thermal radiation, and demonstrate the aplicatition of                             Stefans-Boltszmans law.

                The demonstration tool is an arduion micro processor connected to an MLX90614ESF-DAA-ND Sensor The arduino runs a code which                 inturn emits PMW signals to current modulators varrying the color producesd by an RGB LED. By doing so we have a non-contact                         thermometer which emits red light when exposed to something hot, and blue light when exposed to something cold, whild a spectrum of                 differnet colors for temperatures inbetween. By changing the script it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the color gradiant, but the                         current code is meant to show the full spectrum of colors in a classroom invoronment. By using Glowdoodle and a webcam we are able                 to create a picture showing the thermal environment of the class room.

                Under the following headings you can find, what resources you will need and how to build the demonstration tool, a sample presentation                  using the demonstratin tool, as well as my contact information.

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