Laminar and Turbulent Flow

The students from grades 5-7 were not too interested in this demo. Laminar and turbulent flow demonstrations are more ideal for grades 10 to university students.

What is the physics behind this demo?

Tank 1 was filled 3/4 full with water. This water flowed into tank 3. At the right end of tank 3 there was a valve. As you opened and closed the valve the water pouring out was slowed and increased. Tank 2 was filled with a coloured water. A pipet with a 6mm end allowed this colored water to enter into tank 3. When the valve was opened and the water was allowed to flow at a slow rate, the flow of the purple water in tank 3 was laminar. As the flow was increased, the Reynolds number increased and the transition between laminar and turbulent flow was observed, as can be seen in the above picture.

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