The Fundamentals of Fluids

Amber Parranto

Anthony Ceh


University of British Columbia

Physics 420

Our objective in these presentations was to introduce the physics of fluids in such a way that the students would find the demonstrations stimulating and would be motivated to learn; the most effective way of doing this was using an interactive approach. There are two presentations described below, each one, one hour in duration. The first demonstration, aimed towards grades 2-5, focuses on the miscibility and viscosity of fluids. Both of these concepts are repetitively taught in various demonstrations and various hands on approaches.

The second presentation, aimed towards grades 6-12, is more in depth. It begins by describing the miscibility and viscosity of fluids in two demonstrations and then goes on to explain buoyancy. The next demonstration requires the students to use all the previous concepts to explain how the cartesian diver works. (The cartesian diver was one of the demos used in the Physics Olympics the year of 1996.) The last two demos define laminar and turbulent flow and introduce a fluid which does not obey Newtons Laws of Fluids.

This second presentation has been presented to over 350 students throughout the Lower Mainland and the Interior of British Columbia. The success of this presentation is due to its exciting and captivating visual demonstrations that teach key concepts in a repetitive, interesting and fun way. The purpose of this WEB PAGE is to allow a teacher to become familiar with the demos and then present them in their classroom.

List of Demos for Presentation 1: (ideal for grades 2-5 approximately)
List of Demos for Presentation 2: (ideal for grades 6-12 approximately)

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