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Remember marvelling with wonder and amazement at the rainbow when you were a little kid?  Ever wanted to know how it was formed and how it mananged to stay in the sky?  Ever wondered if you can make a rainbow more realistic than a painting but is still possible in weather conditions similar to Vancouver's?  Well, you are at the right place!

In connection with the Physics 420 course (Demonstration Physics) at UBC, I have had the opportunity to present a collection of demonstrations to an audience ranging from grades 1 to 5.  The purpose of these demostrations is to illustrate the physics of rainbow and to raise an awareness of the cool things that happen around us.  Consequently, these demonstrations are geared towards people with no or very little knowledge in physics or optics.  Howeve, the content can easily be modified to suit the sophistication of high school students.

The Physics of Rainbows


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