Welcome to ElectroMagnetic Inductivity Force Phenomenon:


For the audience, this INFORMAL demonstration lecture is generally intended for those individuals already with a "grade11/grade12" (by Canadian curriculum standards) physics education and at least some under standing already of simple electricity and magnetism. Emphasis of this demonstration is given to AC ("Alternating Current") electricity and rapidly fluctuating magnetic fields resulting from such AC electricity, although some DC ("Direct Current") is occasionally used along with some "steady-state" magnetic fields. The audience is strongly encouraged to ask any questions, anytime during this demonstration, and actively participate in this event.

On the part of the individual presenting this demonstration, the "level of difficulty of comprehension" and "functional apparatus setting-up" increases with each demonstration performed. The FINAL demonstration is the most difficult and complicated, since it encompasses ALL concepts previously presented and demonstrated. Thus the difficulty level here jumps EXPONENTIALLY, even for a "University Professor". It is doubtful, however, that only 1-hour is enough time to present this demonstration, even if the instructor presenting this demonstration does so at "a quick pace". Therefore, the instructor must either tailor this demonstration so that it will easily fit into a 1-hour time slot, or be allowed 2-hours (more than enough time!) to present this demonstration. Therefore, in order to make such a judgement call, it is expected that the presentator be adequately familiar with the fundamentals, materials, and operations involved; also the presentator MUST be adequately prepared to answer ALL questions asked at any time by the audience, especially "trick" questions.

Required Parts & Materials List:

Most of these parts consist of materials commonly found or easily acquired using very economic means only. However, the oscilloscope and the main power source cannot be manufactured or acquired quite as cheaply as everything else, but they are STILL ESSENTIAL.


1. Main Apparatus stand, with various holding swing-clamps attached.

2. Various connection wires (equipped with "alligator" clips on EACH end).

3. Two powerful (2) "rare-earth" magnets (usually stuck to the Apparatus stand or some other magnetic object inside).

4. One (1) LARGE 9-Volt battery (may NOT necessarily be in good condition by NOW may need to acquire a NEW one like it.)

5. Two (2) hollow "coffee-cans", they consist of very "Ferro-magnetic" metals and alloys. This is for the "magnetic shielding" demonstration. These cans MUST be magnetically neutral; that is, they must have NO magnetic fields of their own, at all. If they DO have any magnetic fields of their own, you must either acquire replacement coffee cans, or DEMAGNETIZE the cans you have already. TO DEMAGNETIZE insert each of this cans inside large solenoid made from HEAVY-GUAGE copper wire, with a HEAVY AC current passed through this solenoid.

6. A standard "camper's compass", which is left at the top of this kit to avoid excessive magnetization and other damage.

7. A "copper swings" in the shape of a tall, rectangular, narrow "U" for the Lorentz Deflection. See "Lorentz Deflection" demo for pictures.

8. A copper cylinder and this is for the "EM expulsion effect" demonstration.

9. A red coloured solenoid, and this is also for the "EM expulsion effect" too, although it is also useful for the other demonstrations included. This solenoid has two (2) pairs of connections. The FIRST pair consists of two (2) blue wires; these are the solenoid ENERGIZING connections across the main power source. The second pair are black ("hot") and white ("ground") wires, these are the connections for the INTERNAL PICK-UP SOLENOID, which uses "Faraday's induction law" to detect the "EM expulsion effect", by connecting these two wires across any oscilloscope. Severe problems occur when then power source is left turned "ON" for too long: "ohmic" heating builds up in the red solenoid windings.

ITEMS NOT INCUDED: many of these items you must either build yourself, or "beg/borrow/steal" one.

  1. Oscilloscope: any oscilloscope is adequate; I used a 40 year-old, beat-up scope, but a much newer one is preferred.
  2. "Helmholtz" dipole coil/loop: see demo pictures include in "Basic Terminology".
  3. Jump-ring apparatus: see demo pictures included in "Lenz's law and Faraday's law".
  4. Main power source: I used one that deliver voltages of 60-Volts or more, as well as currents of 60-Amperes or more. The power output is in the form of "pulsing DC" for the FIRST 30 minutes, and then becomes smooth after that, assuming that you never turned off this device during the first 1-hour of use.
  5. A conventional "toy" turbine (or ANY electric motor or generator will also do adequately). Refer to demo pictures included in the "conventional electric generator".
  6. A bit of faith on the behalf of the instructor presenting this demonstration.

If you ANY questions AT ALL regarding the above parts/materials list, the contents of this presentation, or the presentation layout itself, please feel free to contact me by email: helixworks@hotmail.com