Cian Zybutz 

Physics 420

Demonstrations in Phyiscs at UBC

Class of 2009

Images from the gallery

QueenlyandLens BasicSetUp1 BasicSetUp2 BulbFront BulbSide ConvergingLens DivergingLens EmptyLens FillingLens1 Myopia2 Myopia1 Presbyopia2 Presbyopia1 Clear Fuzzy FillingLens2 InnerLamp Lamp ScreenFront AdaptableLens ScreenBack SiphoningWater WaterforLens


I want to thank Professors Andrzej Kotlicki and Chris Waltham for their guidance, support, and constant suggestions and tweaks. I especially want to thank the staff at the machine shop at UBC, whithout whom this demonstration may never have been possible. Particularily, I would like to thank Jon Makane, the Lab Director, and Bernhard Zender, the Engineering Technician.

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