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QueenlyandLens BasicSetUp1 BasicSetUp2 BulbFront BulbSide ConvergingLens DivergingLens EmptyLens FillingLens1 Myopia2 Myopia1 Presbyopia2 Presbyopia1 Clear Fuzzy FillingLens2 InnerLamp Lamp ScreenFront AdaptableLens ScreenBack SiphoningWater WaterforLens

Welcome Teachers!

This section of the site is devoted to teachers wishing to use this demonstration in class. On the left hand side, there are links for the grade 11 PowerPoint slides and grade 12 PowerPoint slides, respectively. They are fairly similar except that the grade 11 slides begin at the definition of light whereas the grade 12 slides begin right at Snell's Law. The purpose for this is that, depending on when the demonstration is given, the grade 11 class may not have been over optics yet. For the grade 12 class, it is a quick overview of the essential optics before jumping into the demonstration.

Also, be sure to check out the demonstration link above to see how the accommodating lens is set up and used. 

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