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The Demonstration.

This section of the site is devoted to those trying to set up and perform the Human Lens Demonstration. On the left, there are links designated for the set up and execution of the demonstration.

This demonstration is designed to show students how visual accommodation, the focus method used by the human eye, works. Also, it shows students the physics behind visual problems such as presbyopia, myopia, and hyperopia as well as how lenses are used to correct these problems.

The demonstration is designed to go along with the PowerPoint slides in the Student and Teacher sections, but it can simply be shown on its own or with a PowerPoint of your own.

Be sure to chek out the SetUp slides on the left to understand how the adaptable lens and the lamp are set up prior to the demo.

Be sure to read the SetUp slides before moving on to the Demonstration.

Please note: the PowerPoint slides are viewed best in Internet Explorer. 

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