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Text Box: Wormbot

Text Box: Wormbot is a friction demo that I made in the 2004-2005 year for Physics 409D. 
· Two linear actuators
· Two power supplies glued to said actuators
· Two controls for said actuators that attach to said power supplies
· One Centre Mass
· One Aluminum connecting piece
· One Extension Cord
· String
· Plexiglass platforms
Supplementary Materials (Not Included):
· Weights
· Newton meters
· Pulleys that can be mounted on the end of a table
· Flat Clean surface
                The arm end of each actuator/power supply pair connects to the centre weight. The bottom of all of these is covered with plexiglass which should have an identical coefficient of friction with whatever surface you decide to use.
Actuator/Power Supply with one battery                       3.68 kg
Centre Mass                                                                    3.66 kg 
                Through expansion and contraction of the actuators Wormbot can be made to walk along a surface by only moving one mass at a time.

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