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                Wormbot is an effective tool for getting the students to calculate a real world problem and being able to test it. 
                You can get the students to try to move Wormbot with the controls and then get them to explain how it is able to move.
                You can attach one of the actuators to the centre mass and ask the students if they can get it too move in a direction.
                You could add mass the centre weight and ask the students how much you can add before it can no longer move.
                You can have it tow weights or lift weights with a corner table pulley and pose the question, “How much weight can it handle?”
                You can have it climb hills (tables with books under one set of legs), and ask, “How steep of a hill can it climb?”
                You can mix the different ideas and add your own. The possibilities are endless.
                A sample lesson is available in the PowerPoint section. Sample testable questions to pose the class are towards the end of the PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint is best given too a grade 12 class or a grade 11 class who have spent a significant time working with vectors.

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