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This demonstration is an excellent means by which to help others come to a better understanding of what is radiation thus being better able to put its risks into their own perspective. The major portion of the demonstration consists of the use of a large, hand built self diffusing cloud chamber. This chamber allows one to view alpha tracks from small radioactive sources as well as tracks from natural background sources

How do we view Radiation?

Whenever the word radiation is mentioned, thoughts of cancer and nuclear fallout usually come to mind. Since Hiroshima, the word radiation has become a very powerful and fully loaded word. Negative connotations have been continually placed upon it. While many of the dangers associated with radiation are true, often, emotional issues turn into overriding influences, both for and against it.
If we have a good sense of humor, perhaps we can dissociate ourselves from some of their influence. It is, however, hard to dissociate ourselves form much of the information that has been filtered to us by the media. Perhaps the best way to understand what radiation is and how it can affect us, it to trace its history, and understand, rather than fear it..
 A Brief History of Radiation
 Geiger Counter \ Dice Demos
 Cloud Chamber Demo and Construction
 Types of Radiation
 Radiation Around Us